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A selection of links to help us all be tidy crafters!

To follow on from my last post (and to continue my avoidance of actually tidying up anything in my workroom) I have gathered together some links to great sites with freebies and downloads for all sorts of things which will help to make your craft room tidier and nicer to work in:


We Made Play Dough

Today was an indoor activities kind of day, our youngest and I decided it would be fun to make play dough.We found a great recipe from How Does She? Blog. It was easy to make, and amused the boy for ages….success!

For full instructions how to make your own Play Dough head over to How Does She?

Easter Craft Tutorials

What an exciting day for me and this little blog!I  discovered it was featured on Desire To Inspire today!

Hello to all you lovely people who have taken the time to visit this blog. I started it a few months back as a way to catalogue all the great ideas I’d seen on blogs and in magazines, and I’m really happy if any of these ideas interest you too. If you are new to this blog or have been visiting quietly for a bit please say Hi!, I’d love to hear from you.

It’s good Friday today so I’m thinking about a weekend of Easter crafts and Easter eats, Here area  few ideas I’ve found around the Web which I think would be great to try out.

Tiny Knitted Bunnies by Mochimochiland

Egg Matryoshka Dolls by The Long Thread

Golden Chocolate Filled Eggs

Secret Pocket Easter Eggs from Sew Mama Sew

Balloon Vase for Tiny Flower gifts Tutorial

Camilla over at Family Chic has come upwith  the most excellent solution to displaying those teeny tiny flower gifts your kids bring you from the garden. I just think this is the cleverest, sweetest, cutest thing….

Using just a votive holder and a Balloon

She made this really stylish vase, when I saw it first I thought it was ceramic

For the full tutorial head over to Family Chic

Source: Family Chic

Valentine’s Project Ideas

Heres a whole lot of links to some great free valentines downloads and tutorials: